what is exceptional presence?

You know when you see it in action: It’s seen in the person who commands attention, it’s the reason why he gets the sale or she gets the promotion — and it can be learned and used every day.


We help novice and experienced speakers command the attention of their audience with programs like these:


Our number one course, and why we’re in business. There’s no better way to get up to speed and achieve mastery of voice and presentation in the online world than by getting coaching for Zoom, via Zoom, from Exceptional Presence.


Learn how to harness the power of your voice, delivering your messages with strength, tone and engagement. Learn repeatable steps to powerfully deliver online or in person.


The best way to make a connection and leave a memorable impression is with a story. Learn how to find your best stories, organize your content and deliver with maximum impact.


How are you perceived in Zoom meetings and in person? How would you like to be perceived? Step by step, it’s possible to learn how to look and sound like a leader. If you’re already in a leadership role, learn how to better hold attention and manage your team meetings online.


Video lives forever! If you’re creating content for your website, why not look and sound your best? Get coaching first — then turn the camera on.


Yes, it’s possible to learn how to engage in small talk. Before the Zoom call, in person, as part of the elevator speech or in an interview, the seemingly insignificant parts of a conversation loom large and they’re surprisingly important.

Own the room

Learning exceptional presence is enjoyable and empowering.

Be confident

We’re going to get through this together.

Surprise yourself today

Yes, you DO have what it takes to be a great speaker.

Get inspired

And learn to inspire others with passion and clarity.

Put your best foot forward

Learn to use the strengths you already possess.

You've got this

We can show you proven methods for conquering nervousness.


With the changing nature of business, we must all improve the way we communicate online, not just from person to person, but from screen to screen. Exceptional Presence helps people engage and connect.

We offer video coaching online from the convenience of your home or office, for individuals, teams and entire organizations. You’ll learn to see yourself as others do, and take the steps needed to put your best foot forward: to look and sound your best, triumph over your fears, and inspire confidence.


  • Video interviews

  • presentations

  • Webinars

  • Best Man speeches

  • lawyer training

  • Therapy and medical consulting

  • coaching for online coaches


Darren stephens, bfa, mfa

coach & owner 


“Hey Darren, how’d you get into presentation coaching?”


Darren’s experience includes coaching CEOs, senior managers and associates of Fortune 500 companies such as McKinsey and PepsiCo. He has consistently delivered best in class results for individuals and teams.

Darren began his career as an actor, voiceover talent, and coach for new and experienced voice performers, people whose voices you’ve heard on radio and television. The joy he took from helping and inspiring others became the basis for Exceptional Presence. 

Whether you want to put your best foot forward for a job interview, be a better team leader, connect with others in the C-suite, or deliver the Best Man speech that no one will forget (for all the right reasons), Darren would love to work with you.


I am a gregarious person so I naturally thought I’d have a leg up engaging an audience when presenting my ideas. What I learned from Darren in just one session surprised me, and it definitely improved my online presentation skills. I highly recommend Darren and Exceptional Presence.


Taking the gloom out of Zoom

If you’ve had enough of Zoom, you’re not alone… We’re here to help you take the gloom out of Zoom by making your group sessions more engaging, effective, and productive.

Zoom coaching for groups or teams works like this: During a Zoom call, the coach speaks to the participants and lays out the topics to be covered and the goals to be achieved. Then we break out for one-on-one coaching for each team member, coming together afterwards in Zoom to reinforce key methods, discuss how to maintain what’s been learned and continue developing.

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